Introducing the Editor!

Welcome to the insurance blog! This will be the place to come to see my musings on insurance, prompted from the current news, my own life and from your questions to the site.

And who am I? I'm Monique L. Attinger, a business consultant with over 20 years experience working with insurance companies to help them improve their business processes. As a result, I've seen the insurance industry from the inside, and I'm hoping I can bring some helpful perspective to you from being on the inside.

Did you know that insurance is a bit like gambling? Both you and your insurance company are playing the odds. Like a casino, the insurance company is trying to stack the odds in their favor. Always keep that in mind.

In addition to business consulting, I've also been an insurance writer for over 10 years, with many articles published in various insurance magazines. Over those years, I've made a few connections with people that are experts in the field. I'll be bringing their expertise to you when tackling a puzzling question. There are many puzzling questions with insurance; it's a complex product.

Insurance is like no other product that you'll ever buy. It's the only product where the company you buy from can actually become your adversary just when you need them! That's what happens when you go to make a claim on your insurance. It makes this arena a tough one for customers to navigate.

I'm hoping to help make it easier for you, and also to share some perspective and provide some good information along the way.

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