Everything I Know About Finding a Lost Insurance Company

Got a policy and you don't know where the company is anymore? You are in good company; this is by far one of the most common questions that we get at InsuranceGuide101.com.

So, here's everything that I know in general about finding a company.

1. Have you searched the Internet for a website? Usually a search of the company's name will lead you to a number of sites (because your search engine will always give you some results, even if they don't exactly match.) Don't give up if your company isn't on the first page of search results; you may find the actual company further down the list than the first entry! That may not make sense, but many search engines have some complex ways of "ranking" search returns, and "exact match" may not be weighted highly enough. Often, frequently visited sites will have a higher ranking than an "exact match" site.

2. No luck on the Internet search? Try using DNB's search tool! Go to their website at DNB.com and right on the first page, they give you an opportunity to try out their database. Type in the company name (or as much of it as you know) and see what happens. You might be surprised! Each match in the DNB list will also give you company information including address and telephone.

3. Haven't found your insurance company yet? Try hiring a DNB business researcher. While this will cost you some money, it may be well worth it if you are trying to find a company that is responsible for paying out a substantial life insurance benefit! DNB should be able to provide you with a full company "lineage", including who is now responsible for any original insurance policies.

You could have some tricky problems come up even once you find the right company, but at least you'll be dealing with the right people.

Also, keep in mind that only "whole life" or policies that have a savings component will have "cash value". One way or the other, the policy must be considered "paid up". Otherwise, if payments have lapsed, the coverage will have too..

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