How To Find An Insurance Company Phone Number

This is another of the most common questions that we get at Unfortunately, even insurance companies move and while they may send out notices that they have new contact information -- sometimes, we have moved too! It's a very common occurrence to have lost track of your insurer.

In fact, I've got an annuity with an insurer that I have to follow up on.

So, what will I do to find a telephone number for my insurer? Simple. My first step in any search for any company is to hit They have a free search tool right on the homepage that will let me look up a company name. I'll get a list of matches, and then I'll go through them and try to identify my company.

Usually, this works first time. However, if I'm still having trouble, I might also do an internet search on the company name. Now, don't be surprised if the company's website isn't on your first page of search results -- the search engines use a variety of methods to "rank" results, and an exact match on the basis of name doesn't guarantee it will be the first entry in the list. So, if I haven't found what I'm looking for on the first page, I'll look through at least 2 or 3 pages of search results.

Still stuck? Try your local broker that you bought insurance through. If this still doesn't give you any results, you might want to hire a business researcher through DNB. Such a researcher should be able to give you detailed information on the company -- and whether it is still operating under the same name or not.

Once you are sure you have the right company name, the rest is fairly easy. If I want an 800 number, I'll look at Type in your company name, and if there is an 800 number, they should have it. Otherwise, my personal favorite is for a business number.

In most cases (in my experience) it's not really that the person needs a number -- they usually need to verify that they have the right company name and other information first. Finding the number is child's play after that.


Posted by Georgie Girl on June 29,2006 at 3:27 PM
In Canada I recommend or even better the Better Business Bureau.

This kills two birds with one stone so to speak. You can find the phone number and address and see if that company has any complaints on file.
Posted by Evan on June 15,2006 at 7:54 PM
Good article, I've had similar problems!  I agree though, and are the best places to do so.  
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