Answering Reader Questions and Telephone Exchanges

Sometimes, readers send me in questions, and they don't tell me where they are from. This can make it especially difficult to research a question for them. After all, each province in Canada and state in the US can have different rules, and so even the kinds of coverages offered by a national company can differ by location.

However, people often leave me their telephone numbers, thinking that I can call them back.

Well, the bad news is that I don't make phone calls to readers. But those telephone numbers you include in your email can be very helpful. I can identify the state or province that you live in North America, just from your telephone exchange! Then, I can research your question, keeping in mind which jurisdiction you live in.

You might even find it useful to be able to look up exchanges yourself. For instance, got call display? Do you ever get phone calls from area codes you don't recognize? In my case, it's usually a telemarketing call. With this tool, I can figure out where I'm getting that telemarketing call from (as long as it's not an 800 number).

Check out this site if you are interested. It lists all the area codes in North America, including the Caribbean:

You can even look up a specific area code and then check the exchange! (The exchange is the next 3 numbers in the telephone number, immediately after the area code.) It will tell you where the exchange is located, and whether it belongs to a cell phone. (Check for Other Info to say something like "PCS". If it does, it's a cell phone.)

So, be sure to tell me where you live if you send in a question -- or leave me your telephone number!


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