Your US State Insurance Department

Do you live in the US? If you are looking for information on insurance -- everything from complaints filed against an insurer, to rate information, to finding out if a company offers the kind of insurance you need, to whether a company can legally do what they are doing to you, check out your state's Insurance Department.

Your Insurance Department can often help you out if you are having a problem. Most of the Insurance Department sites will have various sorts of consumer brochures available online, including alerts, and other information, that can also help you avoid problems before they develop.

They can also often answer questions you have about insurance and coverage.

Looking for an agent? They often have agent listings. Trying to find a telephone number for your insurance company? Insurance departments often have search tools to help you look up your insurer and get contact information.

If you have a complaint about an insurer, one of the best places to make that complaint is with your Insurance Department. You'll be able to see if others are having the same problem. You'll also be able to speak to a representative of the Insurance Department to see what can be done about your complaint.

Doing research on a potential insurer to find out if you want to take coverage with them? Check out the complaints that have been lodged against them with the Insurance Department. You might be able to avoid a problem before it ever gets started.

Need high risk health insurance? You absolutely need to get in touch with your Insurance Department. These departments often maintain a high risk insurance pool that you can enrole with.

Trying to find out who is responsible for an old life insurance policy? Again, your state Insurance Department is a great place to start. In fact, the Texas Department of Insurance has a search tool that I love. I often use it to find even long-lost insurers, to find out the current company that is reponsible for policies from a previous company.

Your insurance department will cover all types of insurance, from auto to home to health to life.

Of course, all this good information will go to waste if you can't find your Insurance Department online! Check out this great tool from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC): Just pick your state from the map and you'll be taken directly to the home page of your insurance department.


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