Your Driving Record and Your Astrological Sign

I suppose it had to happen sometime. After all, people will do research on the darnedest things. Well, here's what I heard on my local news radio channel today: Someone actually studied the likelihood of a bad driving record based on astrological sign!

And I always thought that the most interesting driving myth was that men were better drivers than women. But here was someone who was actually trying to link astrological signs to driving performance!

So I went to check out the original article myself.

Don't shoot me; I'm just the messenger. Based on a review of 100,000 driving records, the author of the book Car Carma came to a number of conclusions about drivers and their astrological signs.

If you are a Libra, you are an accident waiting to happen. Apparently, you can't make a snap decision and are a hazard in rush hour traffic. As second and third worst drivers, Aquarians and Arians have nothing to brag about either.

The third and second best drivers are Cancers and Geminis, respectively. (My husband the Cancer will dispute this; I'm sure he'll say that Cancerian drivers have been inappropriately put too far down the list.) If you want to get behind the wheel with the safest driver, pick your buddy the Leo. The Leo's well-known ego is working on your side in this case, as he or she will be trying to be the best driver on the road.

Well, as a Virgo, I'm actually in the fourth best behind the wheel, although the author calls me "ninth worst". Unfortunately, I had to laugh when I read the description of my sign. It says that Virgos can cause multiple car pile-ups because of slamming on the brakes to avoid a squirrel.

I may ressemble that remark. After all, who'd want to kill a poor defenseless squirrel?

All I can say is: here's hoping the insurance companies don't get to like this idea and start linking astrological sign to claim risk.

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Monique L. Attinger
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