What I Learned in 2006

Ben Yoskovitz of the Instigator Blog set out a challenge to bloggers everywhere: to write a post that includes 5 things that you learned this year.

While I missed the original deadline because of a family that insists on catching every virus going around lately, it seems that Ben is still accepting new posts. So, I've decided I'm going to get in on the fun.

I'm 46. I run my own business. I'm a professional writer. I'm also a "new" mother to a (now) 11 month old baby girl and a 6 year old boy. As a result, here are my five things I learned this year:

1. No matter how ready you think you are for a new baby, you aren't.

2. Even if you've already had one baby, you aren't ready for the next one.

3. Life does not slow down, even if you are sleep-deprived from the aforementioned new baby. If you get a short reprieve because your spouse can take parental leave (as mine did) while you are off recuperating, consider yourself lucky and just keep doing what's most important. The rest will take care of itself.

4. You don't know everything about parenting, no matter how many children you have parented. All you can do is keep learning and try to stay one step ahead of your kids.

5. A new baby makes a significant difference to your family's insurance needs. We had to review our life insurance, health insurance and homeowners insurance.  The reason? We needed to be sure we had enough life insurance for 2 children's needs should one of us die. We also had to make sure we filled out the forms for health insurance for the newest family member. Finally, we needed to include an increased amount of contents insurance for our expanded household, or get caught if we had anything happen to our home.

You take care of your children's needs in many ways: you teach them; you feed them; you love them; you protect them. One of the ways you protect them (and yourself) is with insurance.

Here's to a wonderful 2007!

Monique L. Attinger

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