Actress Suzanne Somers Loses Home To Malibu Blaze

Actress Suzanne Somers, famous for playing the lovable airhead Chrissy on 70s sitcom Three's Company and as a spokesperson for a line of fitness products, has lost her home to a fire that ripped through the exclusive seaside community of Malibu, California.

In a Reuters news article released Tuesday, Somers (60) confirmed there were no deaths in her family as a result of the blaze and that she and her Canadian husband Alan Hamel plan to rebuild.

"What else can you do with tragedy but look for the opportunity to grow?" she said. "It was a beautiful house. It was a beautiful place to live."

The fire also gutted three other Malibu homes and one resident was taken to hospital for smoke inhalation.

This kind of story is just another reminder of the importance of having our house or condo insurance up-to-date. We may not all own multi-million dollar homes in ritzy neighborhoods, but our homes and the contents inside mean just as much to us and should be protected.

Posted by Ageless Diva on April 4,2007 at 4:59 AM

Suzanne has been through so much! She's so resilient and strong! She always bounces back.

Ageless Diva

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