American Idol and Insurance

Thanks to Stuart who sent me an email indicating that he thought American Idol and insurance couldn't possibly have anything to do with each other.

I have two key words on this subject: liability insurance. While American Idol won't have a lot to do with auto, health or life insurance, the show will have to have lots of liability insurance.

First, there will be liability insurance that American Idol will have to carry just in case a prospective contestant hurts themselves in their enthusiasm to showcase off their talents. You've seen the screening process where thousands come and line up for a chance to audition? Once they actually get in front of the judges, the adrenaline in their systems could easily set them up for an unfortunate prat fall. Any kind of accident can spell lawsuit.

Frankly, given former Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson's win of a Golden Globe for best supporting actress, the newest batch of Idol wanna-be's are sure to be all fired up.

Speaking of a lawsuit waiting to happen, there's also Simon Cowell's famous (or is that infamous) tendency to shoot off his mouth. Personally, I'm surprised he hasn't been sued for libel already at this point.

There's probably a bunch of contract lawyers who have assured that Simon can't be sued. Those prospective contestants probably sign away their chance to have a day in court over a particularly nasty comment.

Finally, what if something happened on stage? Perhaps failure of a part of the stage or failure of a pair of really high heels? Again, the owners and sponsors of this show will have liability insurance for just such an unfortunate incident.

Liability insurance isn't just for the rich or aspiring-to-be-famous. Liability insurance is an important part of the coverage that everyone should have in order to protect their belongings and their livelihood. A single lawsuit for a disabling accident could leave you financially hobbled for life. If you don't have liability insurance, check out our section on it.

Monique L. Attinger
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