Kevin Federline ad teaser released

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Kevin Federline (ex husband of Britney Spears, for those of you living under a rock) will appear in a Nationwide Mutual Insurance commercial during the Super Bowl on February 4. Well, company has now released a "teaser" of the ad on its website.

As predicted, Federline pokes fun at himself in the spot, turned from a bling-encrusted rap star to a fries-slinging loser in a fast food joint. The ad intimates that Federline should have invested the money he made during his 15 minutes of fame into a Nationwide annuity program, thus giving him a decent "income for life".

It's a cute promo, but watching it left me wondering: if this is just the teaser, what more does whole ad have? An additional few seconds of him rapping, or slinging fries? I guess we'll have to wait to the Super Bowl to find out.

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