Crop Circles and Insurance

Here's another entry in our series on things that just couldn't be related to insurance.

If you don't know what crop circles are, these are often ornate designs of immense dimension that "appear" in farmer fields. According to Wikipedia, they were first noticed in England in the 1970's.  Many people associate these phenomena with corn fields, but they have been found in wheat, barley, canola, rye, linseed and soy fields as well.

While there is a lot of controversy over the origins of crop circles, and whether or not aliens participate in this activity. Wikipedia notes that two men, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, have been making crop circles in England since 1978 using planks, rope, hats and wire as their only tools. (Doesn't quite sound high tech, does it?)

So, do crop circles reveal a higher intelligence than human? Or are they just the result of artistic pranksters? You decide; this video clip shows a compilation of a number of crop circles around the world.

Video is no longer available.

Personally, I'd be inclined to think that creative humans are behind all this. After all, to my eye there are an awful lot of "human" symbols in those fields!

So, can you get insurance against crop circles? Not exactly. You can get insurance for damage to your crop though. Crop insurance is a must unless you have the inside track with Mother Nature. Particularly in today's world of extreme weather phenomena, crop insurance can keep a farmer from financial ruin.

If you really want to protect yourself against crop circle damage, you better have a policy that doesn't exclude damage as a result of vandalism. Given that crop circles are not weather or "natural" phenomena, a regular crop insurance policy might leave you in the cold.

Can you get insurance against aliens in your fields? Well, not that I'm aware of. First the insurers would have to acknowledge the existence of aliens. I think that's not quite surfaced on their statistical model quite yet.

Do aliens need insurance? Well, if they ever decide to hang around the planet, they could be sued, especially if they are out at night wrecking farmers' fields; so I'd recommend it!

Monique L. Attinger
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