Hurricane Rita Claims Top $5 Billion

According to an article by The Advocate, claims for Hurricane Rita total $5.4 billion. In fact, Hurricane Rita generated more than 420,000 insurance claims in Texas and Louisiana combined. This could be a surprise since Rita has been overshadowed by Hurricane Katrina and the legal woes of insurers that have denied Katrina claims.

Rita was part of the horrific 2005 hurricane season, from which Louisiana is still recovering.

While this year's hurricane season has been very mild, people who live in hurricane prone areas should not become complacent. If you don't have hurricane insurance, you need to get it.

But we're also learning a lot from the litigations going on in Louisiana now; insurers are trying to use the technical definitions of language used in their policies to exclude claims. The only sure way to get around this is to make sure that you have all the types of coverage that you need. So don't just get hurricane insurance; make sure you have coverage for water, wind, flood / storm surge and any other storm effect (like lightening) that could cause the damage to your home.

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Monique L. Attinger

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