Friday the 13th and Insurance

Feeling lucky today? Here's hoping you are! According to research done by insurer Norwich Union, you have a higher than usual chance of a costly car accident on Friday the 13th. (As if car insurance wasn't expensive enough already.)

When researchers looked at the cost of accidents rather than the number of accidents, Friday the 13th claim amounts were 13 percent higher than average! (I'm not joking either. It really did come out 13 percent.) However, if the 13th of the month does not fall on a Friday, claims were actually lower than normal, so the difference between a "regular" Friday and a Friday the 13th was substantial.

Interestingly enough, Friday the 13th wasn't the worst day for accidents; the first day of the month is. Wondering what the safest day of the month is? Try the 26th. (Good thing it's not the 30th; that would completely count out February!)

So, you can either stay home today, to avoid the chance of a higher cost accident -- or you can make sure you have the right coverage. If you aren't sure you've coverage for whatever could happen when you hit the roads, check out a few of our site's sponsors. You might even find a lower premium. After all, today could be your lucky day.  

Monique L. Attinger

Posted by Robert Hruzek on April 13,2007 at 12:23 PM

Monique, this is amazing information, especially the 13% number. Ironic, huh? :-D

I'm going to stay indoors today - not! Actually, I'm getting some windshield dings repaired today.

But still - I'll try to remember to "stay low."

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