Travel Insurance Is A Rip Off

I could have told you this: an article on reports that a new study shows that people who buy travel health insurance from their travel agent are paying too much. However, here's a startling statistic from the report: a single-trip policy bought from a travel agent is up to 92 per cent more expensive than one purchased elsewhere.

While this study refers to the UK travel insurance market, I have no doubt that the same situation exists in North America. In fact, my mother (age 68) recently bought a full year's health insurance coverage for any travel that she does in the 12 month period, for less than she would have paid for travel health insurance for a single trip.

Now, I don't usually recommend travel health insurance for anyone who is young and healthy and has good travel benefits through their regular health insurance. Here's why: my own experience with travel insurance purchased for a trip to Australia when I was 30 indicates that travel insurance simply doesn't pay off. I actually had to see a doctor in Australia. I had travel insurance, so I thought I was fully covered.  When I returned home and tried to claim on my travel insurance, they actually referred me to my other health insurance first! By the time I got through the red tape and fought with my insurer (because the claim was in Australian dollars and exchange came into play, as well as maximum pay-outs for certain types of treatment, like doctor's visits), I never saw one red cent from my travel insurance. 

However, if you are a senior and like to travel, a good travel health insurance policy is a wise purchase.

So, do the cost effective thing, and call your regular health insurer and find out if they have travel health insurance. You may be able to get a good deal. Want to get a few quotes and see who has the best deal for you? Check out a few of our site's sponsors. You might just be glad you did.

Monique L. Attinger 

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