Eric Bana Walks Away From Car Crash

Even celebrities have off days. According to an article on, Eric Bana, known for his movies such as "The Hulk" and "Munich", will have to put in an insurance claim. Here's hoping he's got good car insurance.

Bana was competing in the Outright Classic car rally in Australia over the weekend. The bad news is that he crashed his lovingly restored 1974 Ford XB Coupe into some trees. Bana has owned the car since he was 15, and many hours had gone into restoring the car to mint condition. The vehicle will have to have some substantial work to return it to its pre-race condition.

The good news is that both he and his co-driver walked away from the crash without injury. The accident happened at low speed, so while the car was damaged, the occupants were not.

Bana will join many of us in filing that auto insurance claim. A car insurance claim is the most likely claim that you'll file in your lifetime, for the loss or damage of an item. (You'll file more claims against your health insurance or dental insurance, but this is a whole different kind of insurance). Many of us will never collect a dime on a homeowners policy; but most of us will have at least a fender bender that will require us to submit an auto insurance claim. 

Here's hoping you are having a claim free day today.  

Monique L. Attinger

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