Kidney Reality Show Is A Hoax

I suppose it's to be expected: The Dutch TV show that was supposed to give a kidney to a 1 of 3 potential patients is a hoax. The supposedly terminally-ill woman is a perfectly healthy actress, and no kidney was going to be donated. In fact, the deception was only revealed at the moment when the woman was to have chosen the "winner" of her kidney.

However, the ruse was not revealed until the show was on, and the contestants had plead their cases.

Must have been a terrible moment for the three "contestants". Each of these people are now still waiting for a kidney in a country that has one of Europe's lowest rates of organ donation. This is a very bitter finish for these people and a poor choice of ways to highlight the plight of those waiting for organ donations. The hopes of three individuals were dashed, just to promote a cause.

I hope the producers of the show are suitably ashamed. However, they are likely congratulating themselves for bringing so much attention to a grave situation. But at what cost to those three contestants?

Sign your donor card. Encourage others to sign their donor cards. Have good medical insurance that will cover you for medical procedures as part of living donor activities. Become part of the bone marrow registry. If you can't take other actions for one reason or another, donate blood if you can. More lives can be saved if we take action.  

Monique L. Attinger

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