Race Car Driver Paul Tracy and Insurance

Paul Tracy, famous race car driver, has no regrets about his racing career, according to an article in the Toronto Star. However, if I were him, I'd be regretting a few of those crashes he's had. Between April 1993 and June 2007, Tracy has had either hurt himself or had a near miss 18 times! Now, this list includes crashes that he's had on his own time, including a "joyride" in a golf cart, but clearly the man is a risk-taker behind the wheel, no matter what kind of wheel it is.

In fact, he better have both good car insurance and good health insurance, given his proclivity for crashing. With the number of injuries that he's had, there could be all kinds of long-term problems that won't show up until he's older and more vulnerable.

The racing world keeps a keen eye on Tracy. His racing style may have fan admiration, but it has fellow racers and racing officials saying that he needs to be reined in. Tracy seems to have a real penchant for contact with other drivers and their cars. Tracy has been punished a number of times with suspensions and fines in various racing events. He has even been barred from an event due to a collision with another driver.

Tracy summed up his greatest asset and greatest weakness succinctly in 1999: "My problem is that I won't give up. I wouldn't settle for second."

When it comes to insurance, don't settle either. Get the right coverage at the right price by checking out more than one company. I've blogged on the 5 things to do when buying health insurance and 6 steps to finding the right car insurer.  There are great tips there. However, the rule of thumb is at least 3 quotes, no matter what kind of insurance you're after. It's worth the work.

Monique L. Attinger 

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