iPhones, Apple Care and Insurance

As a writer who uses a MacBook Pro for each and every entry that you see in this blog, I'm a firm believer in Apple Care. However, don't confuse Apple Care with insurance that will cover your iPhone in case it is lost or stolen.

What's the difference? Apple Care is basicallly "extended warranty". Now, while I'm not a fan of extended warranty, I've actually purchased Apple Care for my MacBook. You might wonder why. Well, the quality of the MacBook is undisputed, but things can still go wrong. Because I use this laptop for business, I can't afford for something to go wrong and not have it fixed -- fast. Also, while things don't usually go wrong with Apple products, when they do, it's very expensive. Finally, I expect to make use of this laptop for a much longer period than I would your regular PC. (Having been the proud owner of many pc's, I speak from experience.) Given a longer useful life, I also expect it has more chance for things to go wrong. As a result, I've purchased Apple Care for my laptop.  

My experience with Apple Care so far has been excellent. When I've called for customer assistance, I've always had a friendly and very knowledgeable person on the other end of the phone. They've always given me the straight goods. And when I once needed new parts, there was no problem.

Do you need Apple Care for your iPhone? Here's the questions you need to answer:

1. Will you be keeping the phone for longer than 1 year? If so, your warranty on parts will expire.

2. Do you expect that your phone will be subject to potential "abuse"? If you will have your phone with you all the time, you can expect that it will take a lot of abuse.

3. Is this a big investment for you? If so, you may want to protect it.

Apple Care is not the only protection that your iPhone will need. You will also need to cover it for loss or theft. I still think that this is best accomplished through your homeowners insurance, although there are a host of insurance policies that you can buy. Keep in mind that you can likely cover your iPhone for both loss and theft at no charge through your homeowners insurance. However, also be aware that some companies are just this side of unscrupulous when it comes to paying on claims; in some cases, a single claim can be sufficient for them to deem you a higher risk client, and cancel your insurance. Your only protection from this kind of company is to buy insurance for your iPhone separately from your homeowners insurance policy.

Monique L. Attinger 

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