Professional Musician Insurance

I am musician seeking information about disability insurance policies to provide coverage for professional musicians. Do you have available a list of companies who offer disability policies and where to contact them?

Answer: I did a search on the web, and found a bit of information on disability insurance for musicians. One thing to keep in mind: you may have to have a minimum income level in order to qualify for disability insurance. Another thing to consider: as a musician, you might want to look into either professional associations for performers. Such associations sometimes have special arrangements with insurers to provide insurance to their members.

Here's some good news: depending on where you live and perform, you may have some level of insurance through your employer! The states of New Jersey, New York, California, Rhode Island and Hawaii all require you to pay for state disability insurance out of your pay. This coverage will provide you with income if you are hurt (either on the job or off), sick, or get pregnant.  

If you simply want to find companies who offer disability policies, you can make use of our site. Go to our pages on disability insurance at You can find links to trusted sponsors here that offer disability insurance. Checking these out on the web can save you a lot of legwork.

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