Business Liability Insurance

I operate a small consulting business for school boards in Ontario, Canada. Do you have a Canadian subsidiary where I can request insurance info? What type of insurance should I carry for my business?

You can get insurance information right here! Consider checking out our general information on professional and business liability insurance at:

As for your insurance needs, you should have certain basic coverage for any small business. Most businesses should consider at least a minimum of liability insurance, particularly where a potential problem with your work could lead to damages on the part of your client. Liability will provide coverage in the case that a client is dissatisfied with your work and / or if a client sues you for poor work. You should also have insurance to cover any damage or theft to physical assets that belong to the business.

From our pages on business insurance you can follow the links to trusted companies who offer business liability insurance. If you don't find companies local to you, consider checking your phone directory or a local insurance broker. A local financial advisor may also be aware of companies that carry this product in your area.

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