Stock Room Flood Insurance & Landslip

Does my stock in my stock room have to be on planks or elevated to a certain height before I can claim insurance in case of flooding? If I have endorsements and one is for landslip, do the conditions relating specifically to landslip apply to the other endorsements in the policy?

Answer: As far as I know, it is not a standard requirement that stock has to be elevated before being able to claim in case of flooding. However, the particular exclusions and conditions of each insurance policy can be extremely unique. Your policy may stipulate that you have taken precautions to avoid damage by flooding, such as elevating your stock. Since it reduces the risk to you and to the insurance company, it may actually help to keep the cost of your coverage down.

As for your landslip coverage, in most cases the conditions relating specifically to a certain endorsement apply only to that endorsement. If you have any doubt though, regarding either your flood or landslip coverage, be sure to contact your insurance company, rep or broker.

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