Who Covers Personal Belongings Stolen in Car Break-In?

My vehicle was recently broken into and a lot of stuff was taken from it. Now, I have to go through the car insurance company to replace my stereo. Is it true that I have to go through home insurance to replace the other belongings that were stolen? Would I have to pay the $500 deductible for that?

Answer: As for whether you have to go through your home insurance for your other belongings, you'll have to check the fine print on your auto insurance policy. Car insurance may not cover belongings in the car that are not considered part of the vehicle. For instance, your stereo is part of the vehicle (if it's built in); your cell phone isn't part of the vehicle. If your home insurance has a deductible and you need to make a separate claim, you could indeed be subject to that deductible. Check your policies and good luck!

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