Can a European Driver be Insured as an Occasional Driver in the US?

I have a friend that wants to drive a friend's car in the USA. The car owner is American citizen and he has American car insurance. She only has a German driver's license and she is not a US citizen. He says he has an insurance policy that allows other people to drive his car. Is she insured?

Answer: Can your friend get an "international" driver's license before coming to the US? If so, you may be in luck.

Many policies do cover other drivers. The term for these other drivers is "occasional drivers" and most policies will have some coverage for them, as long as those drivers meet certain conditions. Usually a policy will specify that an occasional driver be of a certain age. It may also specify other conditions and restrictions. It's quite possible that your US friend's policy may indeed provide insurance coverage for your German friend, as long as her license is recognized here. But if there is any question, check with the insurance company.

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