Flood Insurance Exclusions

Quite a few years ago we included "flood insurance" on our homeowners policy that we thought would cover any damages caused by water during a storm. Items such as water backing up through an overburdened sewer system and the possibility of asump pump failure. We took steps to prevent any of these possibilities.

The insurance coverage is limited to $10,000 in damages for the basement furnishings (family room & furnace area).

Recently, I read a newspaper clipping that stated, "Flood insurance doesn't cover water that floods a basement faster than it can be pumped out or that comes up through piping." Could you give us some advice on flood insurance and if you think we have the right kind of flood insurance?

Answer:  Flood insurance typically does have some exclusions. In fact, flood insurance will not cover you for all forms of water damage. It's critical that you check your specific coverage and be sure that there isn't an exclusion for water that comes from piping. While the newspaper clipping could be correct generally, it may not apply specifically to you. I'd check it out.

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