Liability Insurance for Craft Shows

We are vendors in 2 farmers markets. We'd like to extend our specialty sauces into different craft shows. However, we noticed that a few of the more prominent shows are requesting a copy of liability insurance along with their application. Could you give us information on this? For the markets that we are in now, the insurance is included in the market stall fees.

Answer: Not all markets will operate in the same way. It would seem that the new ones you would like to participate in would like you to have your own liability insurance, rather than have the show itself buy an umbrella liability for the whole market. This isn't something new; the market is treating you as a small business, and since your insurance premium should be a business deduction, it should work in your favor.

That being the case, you can always start your research with us! Take a look at our Business Owners Policy page at At the top of the page, you'll find links to sponsors. Business liability insurance varies considerably depending on your business. It's worth the time to do some detailed research into the kinds of policies you could get including whether the cost of these policies is worth it in order to get access to more venues for your product.

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