Flood Zones

Can you purchase flood insurance if your lender does not require it? What zones are flood insurance available for?

Answer: Indeed, you can buy flood insurance even if your lender does not require it. This is completely up to you. You can get some kinds of flood insurance through your lender, or you can go through the National Flood Insurance Program.

As for the zones where flood insurance is available, you will need to do some research. The insurance companies can change their products on a regular basis and this includes the "zones" where they would be willing to underwrite flood insurance.

You can always start your research with us. Go to http://www.insuranceguide101.com/flood-insurance/ and take a look at the trusted sponsor links at the top of the page. It's advisable to get details on their flood coverage, so that you know both what is included and what is excluded. This is very important, as flood insurance is notorious for complicated inclusions and exclusions.

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