Delivery Business Insurance

What kind of insurance should I look into? I am operating a furniture delivery business. We are operating right now with U-hauls, but will soon have our own trucks. This will mean hiring more drivers and helpers who will be in and out of customers' homes carrying sofas and setting up bedroom sets, etc. What kind of insurance do you suggest so that we will have the best protection possible?

Answer:  As a small businessperson, you should have liability for damages caused in the course of providing your services, at a minimum. You should also have insurance coverage for injuries sustained by your employees in the course of work. Insurance for damage and theft on any business assets is important. Obviously, insurance on your vehicles should specify that they are being used for business and should have appropriate levels of coverage for business usage. If you have direct employees, workers compensation coverage is a must.

Beyond this, it depends on your ability to handle risk. This is where it is essential to speak with someone who is well versed in the needs of small business and can spend some time with you to discuss your unique situation.

I would speak with at least one experienced insurance broker who deals with small business at your earliest convenience. Although I can recommend some basic coverages, you should be discussing your situation in detail with someone.

You should also consider getting multiple quotes for any types of insurance that you consider. Even if you get advice from an insurance broker, do some shopping yourself. Check out our trusted sponsor links from our business insurance pages at You can qualify for an additional discount if you buy your insurance online.

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