Long Term Disability Definitions

Can you email me any Long Term Disability info you have? Definitions? Eligibility options? Etc.?

Answer: I suspect you are in the middle of researching Long Term Disability and what kinds of coverage you might need. Might I suggest that you read through our section on Long Term Disability insurance at http://www.insuranceguide101.com/disability-insurance/long-term-disability-insurance.aspx? We also have an excellent glossary of terms, if you need to check the meaning of any particular term. As for eligibility options, there are many unique products on the market. I'd recommend looking around the Internet at some of what is offered to give you a better idea about LTD in general. If you check out our LTD pages, you will find trusted sponsor links at the top of each page. These links include sites that will allow you to compare quotes. Once you have your quotes check into the products that interest you.

Prices will vary. Also note that LTD is very expensive insurance typically, so you should be prepared! Think carefully about how much LTD you really require and only buy that amount.

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