Farm Safety

Our community will be celebrating our fire department's 50th Anniversary in May. We plan to have a week long community event for this occasion. The event will include a smoke detector drive, car seat/seat belt safety, chimney/wood stove safety, fire safety, evacuation plans, home safety, child safety, home health and more.

We are a farm community and many of our fires each year are barn fires, usually at the result of faulty wiring or ignited hay. We have also had many tragic and fatal accidents involving farm equipment. Anything you may have (brochures etc.) that could be useful information for farming safety would be great. Or, if you have any ideas for things to make the community aware of, as far as farming safety, that input would be appreciated.

Is there any way that you think your company could help us with this community event?

Answer: We provide all our information direct to the Internet. As a result, we don't have any printed materials. If there is anything on our pages that might be useful, why not refer your attendees to our site to check it out? Insurance is an important part of any plan – whether for the individual, a business, or the community – to deal with catastrophic events like fires.
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