Dog Insurance for Renters

Are Labrador Retrievers insurable for Renter's Insurance in the state of Florida?

Answer:  The issue of pets and insurance comes up frequently. The challenge for you as a renter is finding an insurance company who will provide coverage for your pet against damage to the place where you live, since the property and structure that you live in are not your own. Some insurers will consider this situation to be high risk. However, unless Florida has some special legislation against the owning of Labradors by renters that I'm not aware of, there isn't any legal implications. 

Now, if you have to find the right insurer, here's my suggestion: check out our site's pages on renter's insurance. At the top of each page, you will find links to trusted sponsors who offer renters insurance. You will also find links to sites that specialize in getting multiple quotes for you, the consumer. This will give you the best chance of getting the right policy and for the right price.

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