Community Car Group Insurance

I am looking into creating a community car group, where many people all share one car, each driving it infrequently and only when really necessary. Do you know of any very cheap ways to insure many people for one car? Maybe a family plan?

Answer: Great idea! I've heard of just such groups operating in a number of large cities now. Usually, these groups have a number of vehicles shared among a large collective

You could go a couple of ways. If all the people share ownership, then they could all be listed as drivers. I don't know if you can get a "family plan" for unrelated drivers. You'd have to do some footwork. Remember that you are proposing a unique situation and that makes predicting what will work best a bit tricky.

You could also have the vehicle registered to a group. In this case, the organization (who owns and runs the car) will have to get the insurance. In other words, whatever your community car group is called, it will have to get the insurance, rather than the individuals. If you went with this approach, each driver could be listed as an occasional driver on the insurance policy. This, of course, assumes that you will be limiting the number of drivers and that you will know exactly who will be driving.

As for costs, I can't comment. This is a unique situation. I suspect that any insurance company will want to know a lot about your group and likely specific information on the individuals who will be covered under the policy.

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