Third Party Liability Business Insurance

I am inquiring about Liability Insurance. I own a mobile Hair Dressing Company, in Canada. We are about to sign a contract with a Condominium complex and one of their requirements is that we have Third Party Liability Insurance. Can you please let me know what I need to do to get a quote for this coverage? Or, if your company provides this coverage, can you supply a quote to me?

Answer:  We can't give you a quote, but we certainly can start you in the right direction to get one! Third party liability insurance is important in any service business. If you could accidentally injure a client, you need to be covered in the case of a lawsuit. If you go to our business insurance page, you will find links to trusted sponsors who provide business-oriented insurance products, including third party liability. In most cases, you can get quotes from prospective insurers online.

In order to get multiple quotes, you should consider one of the sites that actually allow you to get and compare multiple quotes.

Another option? Talk to an insurance broker who deals with small business. You can also get quotes this way, and someone else will do the legwork for you. But be aware: a broker doesn't necessarily work with every  possible insurer. If you don't like the quote you get from a broker, either get more quotes yourself or talk to another broker.

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