Will Owner Be Denied Insurance Due to Roof Age?

I am going to sell my house. It is 18 years old and has its original roof. The roof is sound and does not leak. It is of a Timberline architectural shingle that has a 30-year warranty. I have had the vent boots replaced and caulked around them as required.

Will there be a problem with a prospective buyer being denied homeowner's insurance due to the age of the roof? I ask because I have been told that insurers will NOT insure a home with a roof over 4 years old. Can that possibly be true?

Answer:  As long as I've been in this business, I can't say that I've ever heard of insurer having denied home insurance because of the age of the roof. Now, I'm not saying it couldn't happen. Keep in mind that anything that increases risk to the insurer is a reason for either increased premiums or denial of coverage.

Having said that, if you have kept up the maintenance of your roof and it is in good shape, everything should be fine. However, a new buyer might need documentation if they have any problem getting insurance, in order to prove that the roof is in good working order. A home inspection should take care of that.
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