Pet Insurance and Pre-Existing Conditions

I have an American Eskimo dog that is 3 years old. She has a cataract. I want to know if there are any insurance companies out there that will insure her. I know that some human insurance companies will insure a person with a pre-existing condition as long as they haven't been treated in a certain period of time or for a higher premium.

Answer: I would expect that there may be companies who will insure your dog, despite a pre-existing condition, and in the same way that "human" health insurance works: the pre-existing condition may be excluded entirely; it may be covered only after a waiting period or a period without treatment; or, it may be covered at a higher premium. If you haven't found such a company yet, I would advise you to do some more research and perhaps include your local veterinarians, who will be the most familiar with pet insurance.

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