Liability Insurance for Non-Profit Directors

How do I get liability insurance for the directors of a non-profit organization?

Answer: All this takes is a bit of research. You don't tell me which state you are in, or I might be able to refer you to a program or association. However, you can find what you need on your own! You might want to look at our section on liability insurance, and follow some of the links to trusted sponsors. These links should take you to insurers who offer liability insurance. You can also speak with an insurance broker. Try to find one that has worked with non-profit organizations before, as such a person will likely be able to help you more quickly. Do be aware that liability insurance for directors can be expensive, depending on what your non-profit does, and what powers the directors have. If you have a volunteer association in your state, you might be able to get your insurance cheaper either through them or as a member of that association.

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