Getting Insurance After Bankruptcy

I am trying to find an insurance company for homeowners insurance.  My husband and I just finished paying out our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  We have been pre-approved for a loan and are putting a down payment on a home but my insurance company will not write for us.  

Answer: This is one of the challenges of insurance after bankruptcy. Many companies will consider you too "high risk" and will not write insurance for you. The issue is that you might not pay your premiums. You might want to work with a couple of brokers who are familiar with obtaining insurance for clients after a bankruptcy. You might also want to check with local credit counselling agencies, or with the agency or accountants who worked with you during your bankruptcy. There are companies out there that will give you insurance; it's a matter of finding them. However, you will also have to be prepared to pay much more for insurance than you normally would, until your good credit rating is restored.

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