Quote for Insurance

I need a quote on a mid-size minibus, which holds 21 passengers. I need a quote for personal use and also for business use.

Answer:  Let me take this opportunity to remind the readers of this mailblog that we at InsuranceGuide101 are not in the insurance business. We are in the information business. All we do is try to give you the most accurate and up-to-date information that we can on insurance and insurance products. We don't sell insurance. We don't have insurance agents. We can't give you a quote.

But, if you want get insurance, please make use of our information to become informed.

In your case, go to our section on Car Insurance at http://www.insuranceguide101.com/car-insurance/. There you will find links to trusted sponsors that are in the business of insuring vehicles. It should help you with the process of getting a quote!

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