Son Driving the "Extra" Car

I have three cars on my insurance. My son is using my third car. I am listed as the driver of the third car on my insurance. Do I have to tell the insurance company that my son is now driving the third car? He does not live at home.

Answer: In general, any change that might affect your insurance (or your ability to rightfully make a claim) should be reported to your insurance company. You can certainly list your son as an occasional driver of the third car, so that you make it clear to the insurance company that he could be in the possession of the car.

However, if your son is the primary driver of the third car and he has the car in his possession on a full-time basis, it could become a problem if he does have to make a claim. If he is going to have the vehicle full-time, you may have to consider further changes to your policy.

Posted by on May 15,2006 at 5:21 PM
It's a great point, Jamin. I'd use a two-pronged strategy to keep costs down: have the son added to the parent's insurance as a driver(which is normally cheaper than insuring on his own) to make sure that he really is fully covered, AND have the son take a defensive driving course. It will keep the son's insurance cost at the lowest possible level while making sure he's also fully covered.
Posted by Jamin Aleman on May 4,2006 at 4:43 PM
I'd like to inform you that for a low price your son can take a defensive driving course online. Most courts take the certificates of dismissal and many insurance agencies give discount to those who complete an online defensive driving course. Check it out at
Just trying to help.
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