Horizontal Property Regimes & Insurance on the Structure

I have a friend who lives in a horizontal property regime in New Jersey.  For the past 40-years each unit has been contributing an equal share to pay for one master policy for the common elements of fire and liability insurance.  Recently, several owners did not want to pay, as they say they carry their own insurance.  It was put to a vote to amend the master deed declaring that they are individual private homes. They are connected row homes and supposedly only have a firewall between every other unit. Can amending a Master Deed fix this problem where you can each pay for your own unit's individual outside insurance?  Don't you have to "structurally" be an individual unit? 

Answer: While we know a fair bit about insurance, we don't know as much about the legal implications of amending a master deed or whether there are structural issues that would prevent such a declaration from being valid. This question is one for the legal professionals.

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