Insurance for Pet Loss

I am looking to purchase Renter Insurance, but I need to know if there is anything I could purchase that will include "mishaps" with a pet? I know that there is Pet Insurance, but I would like to have something that will include either theft of the pet or a possible accident involving the pet. 



Pet insurance is definitely different than the kind of coverage you are looking for! Pet insurance is really a special form of "health" insurance for pets. What you will likely need is a special "rider" or "endorsement" on your renter's insurance covering the kinds of situations you've detailed here.


I'm sure that this kind of coverage is available, but it's not likely available from all insurers. This may take you some time to find. Speak to either an insurance agent or customer service rep for any policy you are considering and get as much detail as you can. If you are having difficulties locating the right company on your own, you might consider using an insurance broker. Try to find someone who is experienced with special endorsements to protect pets.

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