Insurance Delays After House Fire

Just a few days ago, we had a house fire. It gutted our home. The fire dept didn't determine a cause so my insurance company came with its own investigators. I am now told it will be 3 weeks till they determine how it started. In the meantime, my insurance says they cannot give me money to live on until the cause of the fire is determined. Is this normal procedure? We don't have anything except the clothes on our backs.


Unfortunately, every insurance company will have its own company policy and procedures. It sounds like you have been caught in a situation with a company who has claims policies that work against you. While not necessarily "normal procedure," many companies will resist paying any money to you until they can be sure that you are not the cause of the claim.


Although you have paid premiums to the insurance company and they technically should be working "for you," in this case you have a problem on your hands. It might be worthwhile to consult with a lawyer.

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