Insurance on an Unoccupied Property

I have been residing in one city for the last three years and expect to be living here for one more year. I own a condo in another city that has been vacant for this whole period. I have a daughter who lives near the condo and who checks it three times a weeks. My present insurer does not cover long term non-occupied scenarios in their insurance and have recently informed me that I will need to find another insurer to do this.

Do you know of any insurance companies that provide insurance for condos that are not occupied?


In this case, I'd recommend you keep searching. If the condo is going to remain unoccupied, you may be able to find another company that will be willing to insure it. If not, it may be in your best interests to find a renter that will occupy your property on a short-term lease. Most insurers are much more comfortable insuring an occupied property than an unoccupied one.

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