Liability for Uninsured Motorist

I was recently in a minor car accident: I was in a very busy parking lot and collided with another vehicle. The front right-hand side of my car incurred a small dent and the other vehicle's front left side is slightly dented and the light is broken. I see it as an accident, but the other driver said I drove into him. I am insured, but the damages to my vehicle are less than what I would have to pay in excess, so I won't put a claim with my insurance company.

The driver of the other vehicle, however, is not insured. He said he would seek legal action to force me to pay for his damages. I don't see why my insurance company or I should be liable for damage to both vehicles just because the driver of the other car is not insured. The police report said the incident was an accident and that neither of us is completely to blame. Will my insurance have to pay?


While only your insurance company can say for sure, it doesn't sound to me as if the other driver can successfully sue your insurance. The only access that an underinsured or uninsured driver has to your insurance is in the case of medical injury. Since you don't report any medical injuries, but only damage to your respective vehicles, it sounds as if the other person is out of luck.

In this case, if the other driver actually attempts to make a claim against your insurance, you can expect your insurance company will fight the claim.