LTD Insurance and MS

I have Multiple Sclerosis and I am thinking that I should have insurance because I may end up in a nursing home. I am 25 now, but I am concerned that I won't even be considered because I have MS. Do you know if I can get coverage and, if so, are there any "hoops" that I have to jump through in order to get it?



It may be difficult for you to get long-term health care insurance. Given your existing medical history, you are at higher risk of needing this insurance. Whenever you increase risk to the insurance company, you get one of two outcomes: higher premiums or denial of coverage. I can't say which of these outcomes you will face for sure.


You might try working with an insurance broker that specializes in long-term health care insurance. Such a person may be aware of the underwriting guidelines of specific companies and be able to find one where you will qualify.

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