Water vs. Flood Damage

I live in a mountainous area of the northeast, not a flood plain, and have no flood insurance. The downstairs portion of my house has been completely covered in water after all the recent rain. My home and contents suffered extensive damage. The adjuster from my insurance company told me I was not covered. Is this really the truth since it really wasn't a flood, but actually water damage?



Unfortunately, water damage of the kind you describe is usually covered under special "flood" coverage, even if it was caused by heavy rain and not by a true "flood." Flood coverage is usually required for most kinds of significant water damage, including the circumstance where the water is originating from pipes within your own home.


Most standard home policies do not include this coverage; it must be obtained either separately or as a special endorsement or "rider" to your existing policy.


At this point, you are likely looking at having to pay your repairs and replace your goods on your own.

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