Renters' Insurance and Pets

I have been told that there are some insurance companies that will not cover you if you have a particular breed of dog. I know this is true to homeowners insurance but is it true to renters insurance and if so what breeds??



This is absolutely true. Renters insurance will often have similar restrictions as homeowners insurance. After all, pets do sometimes cause damage to a home and they can create a liability problem if they harm a human being in some way.


As for which breeds will be excluded, it is normally the "dangerous" breeds. However, each insurance company will have their own guidelines as to which dog breeds they will not insure. Some companies won't insure a German shepherd for instance, but others will. Your best bet is to shop around and get quotes. Don't be discouraged if you get some very high quotes either. Look a bit further. Often one insurance company will have very different risk evaluation criteria than another. If you are having problems, try a broker who is familiar with getting the right insurance for people with pets.

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