Insuring Body Parts

I am an artist and I am right handed. I make a good living doing what I do and I am interested in insuring my arm. As ridiculous as it sounds, if I were to lose the use of it I'd be out of business. Is this possible and if so, what insurance company would handle the insurance of my arm?



If Shirley MacLaine can insure her legs (as I believe she has in the past), then I would suspect that you could insure your arm. Beyond that, since this is not a "mass market" insurance product, it could be tough to find.


Short of checking out Lloyd's of London (which is known for unique insurance policies), I think your best bet is likely some version of disability insurance. Given the uniqueness of the insurance that you want, you might want to work with a broker.


Keep in mind that we don't recommend insurance companies ourselves, but we do wish you well in your search for this coverage!

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