Denial of Disability Coverage

I am very upset and concerned that I was recently turned down for a disability insurance policy offered by my employer. I have some minor health problems, which I disclosed as requested. I discussed these in more detail during a phone interview with the underwriter. I made it clear during the interview that my problems are all being managed effectively at this time. I have never missed work or been hospitalized for any of these problems. Nor am I candidate for surgery. I have no major medical illnesses or risk factors that warranted denying me coverage. In fact, I am in quite good health overall. I plan to appeal their decision, but I am not very confident in the outcome. I am now afraid that I may never be able to get disability insurance elsewhere because I have been denied coverage. I am very worried about my future financial security should I ever be in an accident and be unable to work. If you can provide any advice or resources, I would greatly appreciate it.



You are right to be worried. Insurance companies share information and being denied by one can affect your ability to get insurance from another carrier. Based on what you've told me, I'd say that your best bet is to appeal. You may also want to take action immediately to get insurance through another carrier, even if it isn't covered by your employer.

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