Finding a Lost Company from 55 Years Ago

My husband recently found an insurance policy from Continental Life, executive office-Washington, DC. It was taken out at his birth 55 years ago. I need some contact info on this company.

Answer: This could be tough, given the amount of time that has passed since this policy was taken out. I went to the Dun and Bradstreet site (you can find them at ) and did a search. I did not find a "Continental Life" listed in Washington DC, but did find a number of other companies under "Continental". It could be one of these; it could have moved; or, it may have been bought by another company -- there are many possibilities.

You could contact D&B through their website, and see if they can do a more detailed search for you. Given the length of time since this policy was taken out, that might be your best bet.

Another option is look at the MIB database. MIB is an information source that is shared by all insurance companies. Using its tool to find a company, I did find a "Continental Life" in Tennessee, and an "American Continental". Given that companies often move and buy and sell each other, MIB could be helpful. Check out their consumer site at

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