Condo Insurance Horror Story

My upstairs neighbor's supply hose burst and caused massive water damage to my ceilings, walls and floors in my main level and basement. I have condo insurance as does my neighbor. The condo association says that it is our responsibility to pay for the damage and is refusing to pay for any repairs, etc. My insurance said it wouldn't pay because the condo association is primary per the by-laws. The condo association said that is why the board passed a "rule." This rule says that I or my neighbor or both have to pay a deductible of $10,000 before they will make a claim. It is really crazy! Apparently, it's up to me to find out who should pay what and between the wording of my policy, the by-laws and the so-called "rule" letter, it is really hard to tell. After reading your site, I'm thinking a lawyer is going to be my only option if I'm going to get my place liveable again. Thanks!



Your letter details a really nasty situation and as you pointed out, it is one that this site has provided information about in the past. It does sound like you'll need a lawyer.

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